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     First of all, I want to let you know that your time won't be wasted for visiting this website. And I 100% fully guarantee you that you WILL be getting your checks in the mail in no time once you get started. You don't even need skills or any experience. Okay enough talk, lets get on how you can start.
     There is a website known as cashcrate. This company pays the average person to complete offers and surveys on their website. They even let you refer your friends and play games for some hard cold cash. Once you earn at least $20 (which isn't really that much once you get used to the site), then they will send you a check in the mail. That's it! No credit cards required or any of your sensitive information for the site.
     Cashcrate is completely legit and the minimum age requirement is 13. So yes, if you are a  kid that wants to start making your own money, then cashcrate is definitely one of the best way to go. There are people who actually makes hundreds, and even thousands of dollars from cashcrate (YOU can be one of them!). If you don't believe me, you can google how legit cashcrate really is. You can search youtube and all you will see are praises on how great cashcrate really is. Or, you can check out the payment wall where people post their earnings at
     Since 2006, Cashcrate has paid out over 3 million dollars and is getting to 4 million. You don't want to look back to this day and wish that you could have started sooner.
     To get started, you can sign up on Or, you can go to the sign up page by clicking the cashcrate image below. If you sign up under my referral link, you will automatically get a message from me on your cashcrate inbox with valuable information and I will be able to guide you whenever you need help. I will also teach you tips and tricks to get more money in less time if you request.. My referral link is 

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Site Updates

7/30/11: Created a new video
Details: It shows how anyone can get massive amount of visitors on their    
             website for free. Check it out ion my youtube channel!

7/18/11: Added Swagbucks on "Extra Income" page.
Details: Swagbucks is an amazing site where you get payed to search the
            web, which is what you do anyways.

7/18/11: Added the link "work from home" on the home page. 
Details: The author has some good tips and advice. Hopefully, he will link my site
             to his:)

7/17/11: Added "Extra Income" Page
Details: More websites with brief descriptions that will bring people extra profit 
            other than cashcrate. Access of the page is available at the top, or by
            clicking here.